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The Doctoral Degree Program in Marine Biotechnology was initiated by National Sun Yat-Sen University and Academia Sinica to share human resources and facilities in the effort to cooperatively direct the teaching and research of Ph.D. students. The program mission is to nurture high-level interdisciplinary R&D professionals with expertise in marine biotechnology; and to enhance the R&D capability in marine biotechnology in the country.


Enhance the R&D capability in marine science.

Nurture interdisciplinary marine biotechnology high-level R&D talents.

Development & Focal Points

I. Genomics-oriented interdisciplinary R&D in aquaculture technology and marine biological resources:

(1) Special genetic products with applicable values in biomedicine.

(2) Protein structures and functions.

(3) Marine animals and plants developmental biology and stem cell control.

(4) Marine animals and plants stress physiology and gene regulation.

(5) Genetic and evolution.

(6) Development of bioenergy of marine organism.

II. Drug Discovery:

(1) Important, special, rare, and biomedicine applicable chemical research

     of marine organism.

(2) Application and modification of chemical structures, and new drug development.


Department Education Goal:

 To train high-level and interdisciplinary research and development personnel in the field of Marine Biotechnology.