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Due to the fact that the basic research and development and application of marine biology has entered the stage of cross-field integration, the research human and equipment resources of National Sun Yat-Sen University and the Central Research Institute are integrated to complement each other. In 2009, the "Marine Biotechnology Doctoral Program" was established to jointly guide the doctor We use the academic research and development resources of both parties to enhance our understanding and development of marine biochemical resources, and are committed to the cooperation of "genome-oriented aquaculture technology and cross-disciplinary research and development of marine biological resources" and "marine drug research and development". The first enrollment started in 2010, and 10 posts were recruited. The first director is Tse-Min Lee Distinguished Professor, the second is Xu Zhihong Distinguished Professor, the third is Chih-Chuang Liaw Professor , and the fourth is Jing-Ru Weng Professor . Now isTse-Min LeeDistinguished Professor for the currently.
Taught in both Chinese and English, the degree of Doctor of Philosophy is awarded. At present, due to the restriction on the number of enrollments of the Ministry of Education, the Academia Sinica is cooperating with National Taiwan University and Taiwan Ocean University to set up the same program, and due to the sharp drop in the number of domestic doctoral candidates, the number of students enrolled in this program has been reduced to 4 per year from the 104 academic year. , the cooperation with Zhanshou students in cooperation with Academia Sinica is temporarily suspended. Professors from Academia Sinica, Advanced Medicine, and other universities in related fields are jointly employed to guide doctoral students. The graduates are mainly teaching positions in various universities and R&D companies.


Enhance the R&D capability in marine science.

Nurture interdisciplinary marine biotechnology high-level R&D talents.

Development & Focal Points

I. Genomics-oriented interdisciplinary R&D in aquaculture technology and marine biological resources:

(1) Special genetic products with applicable values in biomedicine.

(2) Protein structures and functions.

(3) Marine animals and plants developmental biology and stem cell control.

(4) Marine animals and plants stress physiology and gene regulation.

(5) Genetic and evolution.

(6) Development of bioenergy of marine organism.

II. Drug Discovery:

(1) Important, special, rare, and biomedicine applicable chemical research

     of marine organism.

(2) Application and modification of chemical structures, and new drug development.


Department Education Goal:

 To train high-level and interdisciplinary research and development personnel in the field of Marine Biotechnology.