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Doctoral Degree Program in Marine Biotechnology
Guidelines for Qualifying Examination and Thesis Defense

Guidelines for Qualifying Examination and Thesis Defense

1. Duration of Study: 2-7 years
2. Course Requirements: Students must complete a minimum of 24 credit units, including 5 required
    units, 1 Lab Rotation unit, 12 other elected credit units (at least 8 course units from this
    Program)and 6 doctorate thesis units. The 5 required units are Marine Biology (3 units) and
    two Seminars (each seminar covers 1 unit). The Doctorate Degree Examination Committee may
    assign courses to each student.
3. Selection of Thesis Advisor: Students must complete 2 Lab Rotations (one in NSYSU and one in
    Academia Sinica) and select an advisor by the end of the third semester.
4. Passing the Qualifying Examination.
5. Thesis Defense: Several requirements must be met before filing thesis defense.
    a. Fulfill all the course requirements.
    b. Passing the Qualifying Examination
    c. Prove English proficiency: Students must show TOEFL-IBT score of 79-80 (equivalent to CBT 213
        or PBT 550), IELTS 6.0, TOEIC 750, GEPT high-intermediate level first stage or eight credit
        units of advanced English courses (can not be counted as part of 24 credit units requirements)
    d. Publication: Students must publish at least one 20% top-ranking SCI/SSCI journal article and
        one or
more accepted articles, or publish 1-5 SCI/SSCI journal articles with cumulated impact
    e. Attend at least one academic conference, domestic or abroad, and present research results
        prior to graduation.
    f. Filing Thesis Defense must be approved by students’ advisors.
6. Students failed the first Thesis Defense can re-take the examination one more time on the
    following semester/year. Those who fail both examinations will be expelled.
7. Graduation: Students fulfill the above requirements can file for graduation.