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Doctoral Degree Program in Marine Biotechnology
Qualifying Examination

Qualifying Examination

1. Students taking an oral Qualifying Exam should have selected a thesis advisor and completed 18
    course credits. With the consent of advisors, students may file an application 4 weeks prior to
    the Exam.
2. The Academic Affairs Committee of this program will assemble a Qualifying Exam Committee
    (QEC) with 3-5 members and assign a coordinator. Applicant’s advisor will not be in the QEC.
3. A written research proposal must be submitted two weeks prior to the oral Exam and reviewed
    by the Academic Affairs Committee.
4. Students must pass Qualifying Exam within the first three years of enrollment. For anyone failed
    the first attempt, a second final trial may be given.
5. After passing the Qualifying Exam, students will become Ph. D. candidates. Those who failed will
    be expelled.